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Wheelchair Fencing

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Wheelchair Fencing

Wheelchair fencing is Fencing for the physically disabled.

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An Overview of Wheelchair Fencing

Men and women with amputations, spinal-cord injuries and cerebral palsy are eligible to compete in foil epee (men and women) and saber (men) events. Unlike able-bodied fencing, wheelchair fencing is static: the fencers are clamped to the piste using a metal frame. Beyond this, the sport is largely similar to its able-bodied counterpart.

There are three classes:

  • Class A incorporates those athletes with good balance and recovery and full trunk movement;
  • Class B those with poor balance and recovery but full use of one or both upper limbs;
  • Class C athletes with severe physical impairment in all four limbs.


Wheelchair fencing has been described as physical chess and is healthy both in a physical and mental sense.


The British Disabled Fencing Association can provide equipment for beginners and once you have been bitten by the fencing bug you will no doubt wish to buy your own.


  • Wheelchair Fencing first started in Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Find Wheelchair Fencing Activities Near You

Use the search below to find local activities near you.

National Governing Bodies

British Disabled Fencing Association

Contact Email
Leeds Fencing Club

Leeds Fencing Club

Youth (U18), 18-30, 30-50, 50+

Sport Works (Yorkshire) Ltd

Sport Works (Yorkshire) Ltd

Sport Works has a clear vision – to improve health, education and employment skills by harnessing the power of sport and leisure.

Aligned to this, we specialise in working with schools and disadvantaged/ disabled groups to improve health outcomes via

4 All Programme

4 All Programme

An inclusive sports coaching and education business. 4 All work within schools and community to promote physical and mental well being.

Harrohgate Fencing Club

Harrohgate Fencing Club

We are a community based fencing club offering coaching in Foil and Epee for beginners, both junior an adult, through to elite and international fencers. We also run a very successful wheelchair fencing section.

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