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HSBC Golf Roots Plus

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HSBC Golf Roots Plus

HSBC Golf Roots Plus supports local groups and organisations working with young people where involvement in golf may provide an alternative and positive focus. It may be used as a diversion to antisocial behaviour or as an inspirational activity that provides an opportunity for young people to experience the wide and varied benefits of golf.

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Stacey Mitchell

About HSBC Golf Roots Plus

The HSBC Golf Roots Plus scheme provides up to £1,500 of project funding to local delivery partners that feel that young people in their care would benefit from developing life skills through sport. Organisations such as youth services, local authorities, police services, apprenticeship bodies, golf clubs or school partnerships have all coordinated projects in the past.

If your organisation is interested in running an HSBC Golf Roots Plus Project, please discuss your proposal with your Regional Development Officer before applying.

For more information on Plus projects, please read the HSBC Golf Roots Plus Impact Report or click on links to case studies. For example see how the Cardiff City's PL Kicks project had a significant impact on improving community relationships between young people and the local PCSOs supporting the project.

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