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The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

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The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

Helping disabled people access tennis opportunities through funding for wheelchairs, equipment and grants.

01737 831707

About The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

Dan Maskell Tennis Trust is a tennis charity raising funds for people with disabilities who play tennis.

Formed in 1997 and named after the late Dan Maskell "The Voice of Wimbledon" who was passionate about rehabilitation through sport.

Tennis is great fun for all, whether playing socially with friends or at an elite level. It truly is a sport that can be enjoyed regardless of age or ability. What is exciting and of special interest to us, is that tennis is also highly accessible to disabled people.

The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust specialise in supporting disabled people and disability tennis programmes. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of individuals, clubs and groups to access and provide tennis for disabled people. We do this by:

Specialist wheelchairs for individuals, clubs, special schools and centres running disability programmes

Equipment/coaching kit-bags for coaches, clubs, special schools, disability groups and associations

Grants for disability groups, associations, programmes and individuals with a disability with financial aid towards certain tennis expenses

Support for disabled tennis players and appropriate programmes.
Call: 01737 831707

Maximum grant per application is £1,500 for a group, club or project and £500 for an individual. In all cases, Dan Maskell Tennis Trust will consider each application on merit. If alternative funding opportunities exist, The Trust will either suggest these or explore them on your behalf. Please give as much information as possible about your tennis activities. If you are successful in your application for a wheelchair or tennis equipment bag, you will be expected to keep this in good condition. Guidance on maintenance of wheelchairs will be provided.

Whether individual or group - items considered as luxury items such as electrical equipment e.g. videos, clothing or individual transport costs will not be considered. Publicity, promotions, advertising, general administration and catering at tournaments and events are not within the criteria for grant aid.

All applicants must be UK citizens and resident in the UK. Applications will be considered by the Trustees of Dan Maskell Tennis Trust which meets 3/4 times a year. Applications should be received by the closing date specified.

Remaining dates in 2021 are:

  • Tuesday 9th November (closing date for applications 12th October)

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