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RLWC2021 Capital Grants Programme

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RLWC2021 Capital Grants Programme

The Programme is focused on funding for facilities and equipment. We want to work with: Any organisation that is developing Rugby League activity in their community.

About RLWC2021 Capital Grants Programme

What we want to achieve:

• Encourage more people from a range of different backgrounds to engage with Rugby League, both through playing and volunteering. We want to create positive, accessible and inclusive environments and increase the opportunities to take part.

• Invest in opportunities that reach different audiences and address barriers to engaging in the sport.

• Recognise the role and value of Rugby League activity in the community and support delivery of wider benefits such as community cohesion, civic pride and social development.

• Ensure we deliver a lasting legacy that will provide opportunities for engagement in the sport now, that will continue to be deliverable in the future.

Is the programme for you?

The CreatedBy RLWC2021 Programme is dedicated to enhancing environments for Rugby League. This means investing in the facilities and equipment needed for people to engage with Rugby League and have a positive experience. It could be funding post protectors and training equipment, through to building new clubhouses or pitches. To give you an idea of the type of projects we are hoping to the fund through the Programme, please see below some small-scale and large-scale examples:

Small-scale request (of up to £15,000):

  • tram kit and equipment
  • training equipment
  • grounds maintenance equipment
  • goalposts and post protectors
  • pitch side barriers
  • small improvements or repairs to existing facilities

Large-scale request (of over £15,000):

  • improve existing or build new playing fields provision
  • improve existing or build new clubhouse facilities
  • improve existing or build new artificial grass pitches
  • Develop multi-sport or multi-activity environments
  • New or improved sports lighting.

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